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Tips for laying Panaget strip flooring

Panaget strip flooring, one of the most popular wood flooring patterns offered by the manufacturer , can be laid in a couple of different directions.

Whether you lay strips lengthways or widthways completely depends on the look you are going for with your wood flooring. However, there are some interior design rules of thumb that you should bear in mind before laying your Panaget wood floors, including the following:

• Laying strip flooring lengthways will always make a room look longer, the same way as floors laid widthways can sometimes make it look wider.

• Extra length is an advantage for many rooms, but if a room is already long and thin, you may want to lay your strip floors widthways with the aim of creating more balanced proportions for the space.

• Strip flooring is at its most beautiful when laid in the direction of the natural light that is entering the room (i.e. from a window at the end of the room).

If you decide against strip flooring, you can choose from a wide variety of different Panaget wood floor patterns. However, you should remember some patterns do not work well in small spaces.

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