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Tips for looking after your wood floors this summer

Compared to other floor coverings, wood floors require relatively little maintenance. However, you should still take certain steps to clean and maintain your floors, paying particular attention to how different seasons may affect them.

In summer, there are extra things you need to do to take care of your wood floors. We may not have seen much hot weather so far this year, but when temperatures rise and the sun comes out, your floor may need extra protection.

Follow these summer wood floor tips:

1. Shield your wood floors from the sun’s rays by drawing blinds and curtains over windows when you aren’t using the room. The sun can cause premature oxidisation and aging of the wood, which can lead to surface discolouration.

2. Relocate your rugs. Moving any large area rugs around from time to time not only ensures that the floor wears evenly, particularly in areas which see a lot of foot traffic, but it also ensures that any fading or discolouration caused by the sun’s rays (which can’t be avoided all the time) is even too.

3. Manage humidity in rooms where wood floors are installed by getting a de-humidifier. This will prevent humidity levels getting too high when temperatures rise, preventing warping, expansion and irregularities in the wood.

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