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What is floor screeding and why do I need it?

Before a wood floor can be laid in a room, the sub-floor (the layer of flooring underneath) needs to be thoroughly checked out. It is important that the sub-floor is in good condition and just as importantly – it is crucial that it is flat and dry all over.

If your sub-floor isn’t flat, this will need to be remedied before the wood floor can be laid on top. Sorting out your sub-floor needn’t be a big or expensive job, however. There is a process known as screeding that can help. This means applying an expertly blended material to the floor base in order to form a solid and flat sub-floor that is capable of supporting the final floor.

There are two things to remember with floor screeding. The first is that you must find an excellent quality product. After all, the layer the screeding process forms is to support your wood floor for many years to come, so it must be good quality. Floor experts such as Floorwise have many products, including Floorwise Pro Screed, which will serve your purpose perfectly.

The second thing to remember with screeding is that unless you have experience with screeding or a lot of DIY experience, you might need a professional to carry out the process for you. An experienced floor screeder can create a perfectly flat sub-floor, even managing to work around obstacles such as underfloor heating pipes, ducts and thresholds.

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