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What is the best wood floor finish to choose if you have children?

Choosing flooring for your home when you have children makes the whole process a lot more difficult. Not only do you have to think about products that are safe for children to be around and practical for them to use, but you also need to choose floors that won’t get completely ruined by your children’s boisterous activities.

By far the most important decision to make when picking out wood floors for a family home is which finish to go for. To choose a finish suitable for a home with children, you have two main options. These are:

1. Go for a super-durable polyurethane varnish
Polyurethane finishes are amongst the hardest and most durable finishes you can get, meaning that they will protect the wood in your floors from pretty much anything your children (and any pets can throw at them). However, some polyurethane finishes can be toxic, especially when drying. Choose the most family-friendly product and give the finish plenty of time to dry properly.

2. Embrace the distressed look
A really popular look in wood floors at the moment is distressed surfaces that have been deliberately hand-scraped to achieve a charming rustic look. This, combined with a more natural oil or wax finish, can be perfect for a family home as any scratches or minor child-related damage will only add to the authentic look of the floor.

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