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What look should you go for?

Once you’ve made a firm decision to swap the carpets in your home for hardwood flooring, you’ve then got a few more decisions to make before you make your magnificent new investment- and one of these decisions is the overall look which you wish to achieve.

With hardwood flooring, there is a great amount of choice, and as well as being able to choose from flooring which offers different levels of durability, you also get to choose from flooring in many different shades.

Different types of carpets can offer different looks to a home- and this is one way in which carpets are actually quite similar to hardwood flooring, as different flooring can create completely different looks.

Hardwood flooring in very dark shades can make for a very stylish and sultry look in a room, whereas very light shades of flooring constructed from woods such as maple and ash can instantly brighten up a room.

If you want to create the ultimate warm, homely feel, cherry flooring is definitely worth consideration, as its rich colour instantly creates a cosy ambience.

When considering the overall look which you want to achieve, you should also think carefully about the level of durability you need.

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