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What mood will your wood floor create?

A big part of choosing a wood floor, or any décor for your home for that matter, is considering what kind of mood or atmosphere it will create in your home. Different colours and hues create different mood effects in a room, and the one you choose all depends on the atmosphere you want to create.

For example, wood floors with:

• Predominantly dark brown hues, as well as being very versatile, have a natural beauty and bring something of the great outdoors inside your home. This strong link with nature can create a very soothing and harmonious mood effect in a room. 

Reddish orange tones are very warm and welcoming, helping to make any room feel cosy and comfortable

Yellowish hues are very warm, bright and cheerful, and can make the occupants of a room feel a sense of optimism (which is always a good thing for the décor of a room to do)

Pale, white/grey tones can be very cool and calming, but can be a little clinical unless combined with the right colour scheme 

So, before choosing your wood floor, take the time to think about what mood you want to create in the room. You could perhaps create a mood board of colours and textures, and use this to help you find your ideal wooden floor.


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