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What movement should you expect from a newly fitted floor?

With wood being a hygroscopic material, it is prone to changes in humidity levels and behaves rather like a sponge, taking in (expanding) and giving up moisture (contracting) according to the conditions. Therefore, when it comes to wood flooring it is only natural to see some movement as it settles into its new surroundings.

This is nothing to be alarmed about though as the wood flooring specialists will explain everything to you before the floor is fitted so you can ensure this transition period is allowed to happen as it should. The humidity conditions of your home will be discussed prior to the wood floor type you have selected being installed.

The temperature of a building can vary and is also affected by the changing of the seasons, so according to the time of year you have the new floor put in the level of movement that can be expected is linked to this.

Most of the board movement you will notice will be across the grain, meaning that the width of the boards may be constantly moving. After a year or so you can expect things to settle down somewhat, with stability becoming more common once the floor has gone through the full four seasons.

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