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What other things can I expect from my newly fitted floor?

In our previous article we explained how it can take at least a full year and the changing of the four seasons for a wooden floor to establish itself in its new surroundings in the room where it has been installed.

So, it is perfectly normal to notice the boards moving, with gaps opening up from time to time as the temperature and humidity levels fluctuate.

The reason this happens is because of natural factors such as the changing of seasons with their own characteristics. It is also true that the heating levels within the home can also impact on how long it is before the floor manages to settle down.

As well as the temperature and humidity levels affecting the movement of the floor, the colour of the boards will also mellow and deepen over time. This is something to be expected as it is simply a natural process where the wood and finish oxidises.

It is not just hardwood flooring that changes in appearance due to the ultraviolet light found in sunlight as your rugs, furniture, upholstery and painted surfaces are also prone to going through this very same process.

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