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What products would work best on a Junckers sports floor? (Part 3)

Our penultimate article on this subject will be focusing on some of the other maintenance tasks you can carry out on a sports floor to ensure it lasts as long as possible and isn’t allowed to deteriorate.

We have now considered what needs to be undertaken on a daily basis, so the following can be done occasionally.

It is worth mentioning at this point that for exceptionally dirty floors, Junckers SYLVAfresh can be made into a mild solution and along with a Rotowash machine can ensure it is restored to its previous condition. If you need to use a hand held sprayer, this can also do the trick. A rotary polishing machine can be used to apply the finish.

The Rotowash machine can be brought out whenever the floor needs to regain its slip-resistant properties. An acetic acid solution is required to achieve this. Spray buffing can also help to degrease the floor.

If the surface has been allowed to show serious signs of wear and dullness, again Junckers SYLVAfresh is a great solution for restoration as it can provide the perfect treatment. Once dried, it can be resealed using a sport floor lacquer from the same manufacturer.

We will continue with this theme in our last post on the subject.

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