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What products would work best on a sports floor? (Part 2)

As we have been stressing, it is important for sports club owners and those responsible for maintaining sports floors which have been fitted with Junckers hardwood flooring to care for them in the proper manner. To do this we have suggested two products from Junckers that would give it the necessary protection it requires.

We will now move on to the cleaning and maintenance itself. The following routine should ideally be carried out on a daily basis, depending on usage, but needs to be done at least weekly to maintain the quality of the hardwood flooring surface.

Grit and surface dust can soon build up on this type of floor and so it should be swept or vacuumed regularly so that it is kept clean. Dust removal can also be carried out using a well-wrung-out cloth or anti-static sweeper.

Rubber scuff marks are a common occurrence on sports floors due to the nature of the activities played on the surface, so these non-water soluble marks need to be treated differently from the above. For this Junckers SYLVAsport Dissolver or SYLVAfresh products would be ideal.

In addition to these daily cleaning routines, we will next be looking at other maintenance procedures which can be carried out every now and then.

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