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What products would work best on a sports floor? (Part 4)

Over the past three blog posts we have discussed the top products from flooring manufacture Junckers that can be used to restore and maintain a Junckers sports floor.

If a floor has shown signs of deterioration in certain areas then a specific approach is needed. The hardwood flooring will require sanding and lacquer to be reapplied. While you can get the products yourself so the sports floor can be finished, it is always recommended you consider the experts in hardwood flooring in Sussex.

Not only will the flooring professionals be able to bring the floor back to how it was before, but they can also get it back into a state that only basic maintenance will need to be carried out in future, such as the tasks discussed in the first couple of articles on this subject.

When you do get back to cleaning and caring for the floor yourself again, it is important to remember that only the minimum amount of water should be used. Cloths should be well wrung out before applied to the surface and any excess water has to be taken care of immediately.

By taking these things into account, you will be able to oversee a sports floor that continues to provide a high level of performance to all users of your sports facilities.

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