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What should I use to clean my finished wooden floor?

If you have had a finished wood or cork floor fitted in one or more rooms within your home you would only want to clean it with a product that actually enhances its appearance further and does not detract from its beauty.

In order to achieve this you should consider using a specialist product such as Bona Cleaner. In this article we will attempt to explain why this cleaner is a good option for these types of floors.

This highly concentrated cleaner is slightly alkaline, so it can be used in your normal cleaning routine, whether this is through mopping or using a machine to get the hardwood flooring up to standard.

The main advantages of using such a product is that it has been designed specifically for this purpose and makes use of an efficient formula that produces little in the way of foam and can be wiped away without leaving a dulling residue, which is common when using most regular cleaning products.

So, whether you need to deep clean the floor or clean it on a daily basis, Bona Cleaner is the perfect solution for your finished wood floor.

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