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Why oak is the most popular flooring choice

There are plenty of wood flooring types available these days, each with their own colours and style. However, despite the fact that there is a wide selection of floors you can buy, one stands out as a firm favourite.

The various species of oak are in high demand from homeowners in the United States of America as well as in the United Kingdom. While European French oak is the most popular over here, the Americans tend to go for red oak.

Either way, the benefits of using oak wood to make furniture and floors have certainly not gone unnoticed.

This is because oak wood flooring can add warmth to any room, while its uniform appearance can also make it seem rather light and airy. For a country-style home or when you need to create that rustic look, oak is a fine choice for your floor.

Oak flooring not only looks lovely when carefully fitted in a room, it also has a long lifespan as well, which probably accounts for its universal appeal.

When you go for oak as your flooring of choice, there are still different styles to peruse, so you are certainly not limiting yourself. Within the collection, there are a wide range of possibilities for your home project from Prime grade boards for a cleaner look or stunning rustic planks for a more varied appearance.

Oak flooring will always stunning, call Justwood flooring to view our extensive range of options.

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