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Wood engineered flooring for high moisture areas

As wood flooring can look great in a home there is always the temptation to have it installed in most rooms, including the bathroom and kitchen. This is not going to be a problem as long as you select the right type of wood for the application.

It is true that some kinds of wood tend to react to their environment more than others. One such type is beech, which is often referred to as a ‘very nervous’ wood due to the fact that it is prone to expansion and shrinkage. However, even with this wood it can be made to give less of a reaction to its surroundings.

Wood engineered floors react less to the changes in seasons than solid wood floors because of its crossed backing providing it with stabilisation. So, if you want to find a solution for areas of your house where more moisture is present, this is one choice you may want to consider.

For bathrooms and kitchens where temperatures are often changing, or even conservatories, this type of wood flooring is often preferred. You will still need to provide the home with stable humidity levels to allow for a healthy environment, for you as well as your wood flooring.

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