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Wood floor finish – benefits of using it and options to choose from

When shopping for wood flooring for your home, you may think that the job is done once you’ve decided between unfinished engineered and solid wood flooring and you’ve chosen a wood species. However, there is one more decision left to make – what finish to use on your floor.

Benefits of floor finish

• Water resistance. As you may know, moisture can damage wood floors, causing them to swell and warp. A water-resistant coating of finish can form layer on top of your wood flooring to help protect against water ingress.
• Protection from damage. A good floor finish can help protect the wood floor from scratches, scuffs, dents and other damage.
• Appearance. Depending which option you choose, a floor finish will enhance the natural beauty of the wood and improve its appearance.

Finish options to choose from

There are a few finish options to choose from. Floor finish expert Fiddes, for example, has the following available:

• Floor lacquer in gloss, satin or matt
• Floor sealer (preseal)
• Barrier seal (shellac pre-seal)
• Hard wax oil in dead matt, matt and satin and very easy to patch repair.
• Clear glaze (gloss)
• Liquid floor wax (high maintenance)

The option you choose depends on the species of wood and your own personal tastes and requirements. Some people like the high-gloss finish of Gloss lacquer and glaze, whilst others prefer the more natural, wood-penetrating effects of hardwax oil, which can be supplied in dead matt, matt and satin.

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