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Wood floor sanding – DIY or call in the professionals?

If your wood floor has seen better days and is covered with scratches, scuffs and scrapes, it might be time to get it re-sanded. You have a couple of choices when it comes to floor sanding – you can do it yourself or you can call in a wood floor sanding specialist. But which is best?

DIY floor sanding

You can hire a floor sanding machine (The hire machines are not the same quality as our professional machines) yourself to re-sand your wood floors, but you need to be able to use it to end up with the desired finish. Floor sanding can be a tricky business, requiring a lot of attention to detail, so you may only want to tackle the job yourself if you have experience, and a whole heap of DIY knowledge. The machines are incredibly fierce and can leave roller/gauge marks if not used correctly. If you make a mess of it, you will end up having to call in the professionals anyway to correct your mistakes, or even worse, need the floor replaced!

Using a professional floor sanding service

It may cost a little more to call in a professional to re-sand your floors, but most people who’ve tackled wood floor sanding before will agree that it’s a wise investment (a lot of people would say, never again! after their first attempt at a DIY sanding job). With experience, top end specialist tools and the attention to detail that non-wood floor expert’s lack, a re-sanding specialist will get your floor looking its best with no roller marks!

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