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Wood floor species in depth – Cherry

Hardwood flooring can be made from many different types of wood species. Before choosing one for your home, it can be very useful to know more about the species, including where it comes from and its natural qualities.

This time, it is cherry hardwood flooring that is under the microscope.


This wood comes from the Prunus Avium, otherwise known as the cherry tree. These trees grow all over the world, particularly in Europe, North Africa and in parts of the USA.

Hardness and durability

Cherry is a relatively hard and heavy wood, which is known to be resistant to damage and shock. This makes cherry wood floors very solid, durable and long-lasting. On the Brinell score of hardness, cherry rates nearly as highly as some types of oak.

Appearance and colour

Cherry wood is one of the most distinctive types of hardwood flooring you can find. This is mainly because of its colour, which is reddish-brown and very warm and welcoming in appearance. Cherry wood is also one of the only species of wood to change so dramatically in colour. It ages beautifully, darkening over time to reveal an intensely rich, dark, red shade.

This wood also has a very fine pattern and straight grain, but can also have very unique markings and characteristics such as sapwood and mineral marks which lend a very authentic feel to a room when used as flooring.

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