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Wood flooring and making the most of a small room

When space really is at a premium and you wish to go with a hardwood floor solution, you need to think carefully about the room’s decoration and how it can be used to add to its character.

In these situations it is advisable to select wood flooring in a lighter shade. This is because this will reflect the light entering the room, thus creating an illusion that there is more space than there actually is.

To achieve this effect, it is necessary to use your interior design skills wisely. By this we mean that the less furniture, belongings and clutter in the room, the better. The amount of usable floor space should be as high as possible.

Building storage shelves are one way of keeping things off the new solid wood floor as this still gives you somewhere to place the things you own, while letting your solid wood floor settle in, while giving you maximum space in which to move round the room.

By simply taking your things off the hardwood floor and having them accessible at a convenient height using a shelving product, you can ensure the space seems less crowded than it would otherwise look.

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