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Wooden flooring and moisture don’t mix

If you are thinking of having a new wooden floor installed at home you’ll be making an excellent decision. However there are a few things you might need to be aware of to get the best from your new hardwood floor.

Hardwood flooring and moisture

Wooden flooring and moisture really don’t mix. This means that the flooring can be damaged in areas that are subjected to a constant source of water. For this reason alone it is thus never wise to install a wooden floor in a room such as the bathroom.

If wooden flooring is used in kitchens it’s also a good idea to make sure that any spills are wiped clean straight away. The wood will withstand any surface moisture as long as it is not allowed to settle and remain in situ for a period of time. This can cause staining and in the worst cases expansion of the wood and subsequent damage.

Most wooden floors that have been subjected to surface water damage can be repaired quite successfully by a professional hardwood floor refinisher.

They will be able to sand the floor down to remove the damage before applying a new top coat of sealant or hardwax oil to bring your floor back to life.

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