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Woodpecker floors and underfloor heating – what you need to know

Many modern homes have underfloor heating, as it is an efficient way to keep floors warm underfoot and to heat rooms.

Underfloor heating systems can be used with most floor materials, but you do need to take a few extra precautions when installing underneath real wood floors. This is because wood is very sensitive to changes in heat and humidity, so the heating system could lead to problems if not properly installed.

If you’re considering getting a Woodpecker floor and you want to install underfloor heating with it, bear in mind these helpful tips right from the manufacturer:

• Real wood engineered floors are by far better suited to underfloor heating, as their multi-layered construction gives them far more stability than solid wood floors
• Choose a timber that is known to react well with underfloor heating (avoid brittle timbers)- the manufacturer is the one to ask about this
• Check the moisture content and the relative humidity (RH) of your sub-floor, as concrete subfloors with 75% RH or more are not suitable for installing underfloor heating and wood floors together
• Test your heating system, checking for leaks, pressurisation and anything else that could affect your wood floor
• Make sure the floor temperature of the water or electrical element used in your underfloor heating does not exceed 50°C, with a maximum floor temperature of 27°C
• Once the floor is fitted, make sure it is left to acclimatise for the recommended length of time before the heating is switched on/turned up.

The above are just guides; Justwood can offer full and detailed instructions on how to lay floors on underfloor heating.

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