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Your changing wood flooring is no cause for alarm

It is quite easy for homeowners to forget that timber is a living material and so therefore you can expect it to adapt to the environment it is placed in. So if you have recently had a beautiful wooden floor fitted, but are concerned about its movement, there is no need to worry.

When wood is used in any form of construction, the craftsmen carrying out this work have to respect the properties of the material if they want to create something with structural integrity that also looks good.

After your new wood flooring has been installed you need to be very patient as it responds to temperature, humidity and light - as well as the footfall from those living in your house.

Those in the know would usually expect it to take around four seasons for the wood floor to fully settle into its surroundings. So, in the meantime you might notice some board movement, with small gaps sometimes opening up.

However, over time, as the floor adjusts to the seasonal changes and temperature within your property, it will become more stable and there should be no problems with it.

The colour of the wood will also change over the years, with the tone starting to mellow and deepen, but again, this is all part of the natural ageing process.

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