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Your wood floor re-sanding questions answered pt.1

Hardwood floors are designed to last, but they will occasionally need a little renovation to keep them looking great. If you are thinking of getting your floor re-sanded, you are bound to have questions. Here are the answers to just a few of them (continued in part 2 of this guide):

How often do wood floors need to be re-sanded?

Wood floors need to be re-sanded when they reach a certain level of wear. This depends on the amount of foot traffic they receive and how well they are cleaned and maintained. For example, a hallway which receives a lot of foot traffic, which does not have an entrance mat to catch abrasive dirt and grit and which is not regularly maintained will only last around 4 to 5 years without needing renovating, if its looked after the time span can extend to between 10 to 12 years. Floor in other rooms such as the bedroom may last a lot longer if properly looked after.

How many times can my wood floor be re-sanded?

This depends a great deal on the construction, species and thickness of wood you choose, the skill of the sander and the sanding equipment used to carry out the work. If you are on your second or third sanding, you should consult an expert to ensure that the job can be done without fatally weakening the floor. 

See part 2 of this guide for the answers to more wood floor re-sanding FAQs.

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