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Your wood floor re-sanding questions answered pt.2

Whilst built to last for years, wood floors may occasionally need to be renovated and re-sanded to remove any surface wear or damage.

In the part 1 of this guide, we looked at a few of the answers to frequently asked questions about hardwood flooring re-sanding. Let’s try to answer a few more:

What does re-sanding involve?

Re-sanding involve using specialist sanding and buffing equipment going through several grades of sandpaper to remove the old finish and maybe a layer or two of the top surface, to get rid of any dents or damage and to leave a smooth, even finish. The wood floor will also need to be re-finished using an oil, wax or lacquer product.

Will there be much dust whilst the re-sanding is being carried out?

This depends on the equipment used to carry out the re-sanding job. However, protective masks should always be worn by anyone in the same room at the time, all furniture will need to be completely removed from the areas being renovated and the property will need to be heated and well-ventilated.

How long before I can walk on the re-sanded floor?

A re-sanded floor will also need to be refinished, so the time you will need to wait before walking on your new floor depends on how long the finish takes to fully dry. This could be anything from 2 hours to over 10 hours depending on the type of finish used.

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