A Guide to Using Exotic Wood Types

29 May 2019
A Guide to Using Exotic Wood Types

If you are looking for something a little different from your hardwood flooring, then there are some great exotic wood types that can really add a special touch to your home. At Just Wood, we stock a fantastic and varied range of more exotic woods. In our latest blog, we have put together a short guide to show you just how to use a few of the woods that we offer.

Brazilian Cherry

Slightly softer than some of the other hardwoods out there, Brazilian cherry is a fantastic choice for any room that does not experience heavy footfall – like a bedroom or a conservatory. It is important to remember that over time Brazilian cherry flooring will darken, and the colour will become deeper, so it may not be suited to a small room where it could make the space look even smaller. Having said that, Brazilian cherry really does add an interesting element to all but the smallest rooms and is versatile enough to be used in either a period property or one with a more contemporary design.


This is a stunning Australian hardwood with some real character. It is dark in colour and over time it will become darker still, heading towards an almost burgundy colour which will be truly striking. Its rich colour would be ideally suited to an opulent, bold colour scheme and the clean lines of a thoroughly contemporary home where it will add a wow factor to any room.  With its incredible durability, Jarrah wood is the ideal choice for any room with a heavy footfall where it is less likely to dent or scratch than other types of hardwood.


Sourced mainly from Southeast Asia, Merbau hardwood is a stunning exotic wood type that is ideal for flooring thanks to its durability. 30% stronger than oak, it holds up well even when used for outdoor areas like decking. Like most exotic woods, Merbau hardwood is coveted for its rich brown colouring, which is speckled with light threats, making it appear as if the panels contain gold threads.


Thanks to its naturally oily nature, Merbau flooring retains an attractive lustre that will add a touch of luxury to any home and is stable enough to be used in humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens.



If you’re ready to transform your home by installing a floor made from an exotic wood type, get in touch with our experienced team today for a quote.