10 June 2012

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Across the pond, the housing market has recently started to recover and so has the demand for hardwood flooring, according to the American Hardwood Information Center.

They have found that consumers are looking for flexibility and variety in their flooring options and so, with the range of hardwood species running the gamut of colour and satisfying the need for all different kinds of decors and decorating styles, it is no wonder these products are proving incredibly popular at the moment. Long-term value is another reason why many more people are looking to enhance their living spaces with this type of flooring.

The National Wood Flooring Association has revealed that manufacturers are geared towards emerging trends like grey stains and finishes, all the way from subtle styles to very dark and metallic. In fact, this year’s Domotex trade fair for the floor coverings industry, which recently finished in Hannover, Germany, highlighted this metallic style as one of the leading innovations in parquet flooring. The look is achieved by embedding the metallic materials into the hardwood, with the shimmering grain contrasting to the rest of the wood. Who knows if this trend will eventually become popular over here? Justwood Flooring has already fitted a few of them, so let’s see what the future brings…

The organisation has also partnered with independent market researchers Market Insights Torcivia to find out what American consumers are currently looking to buy when it comes to hardwood flooring. Here are some of their findings:

  • The use of multiple wood species in a room is becoming popular, with other contrasting styles often incorporated as a border or other design element.
  • The installation of wood floors in a non-linear pattern to achieve a curved look.
  • Darker wood species are becoming increasingly preferred as consumers opt for walnut over traditional red and white oak.
  • Wider plank flooring is used to create a casual and larger appearance to the areas.
  • Distressed flooring (through methods like hand-scraping, pit sawn and ageing) can provide an antiqued look and hide any imperfections.

While these trends are certainly interesting and go some way to showing what might become popular here in the UK over the next few months and years, it is all about creating the right look for each individual customer. At Just Wood we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are offered the best solution for their home. Speak to us today to discuss the flooring ideas you have in mind.