Advice For Protecting Your Wood Flooring In 2022

17 May 2022
Advice For Protecting Your Wood Flooring In 2022

Wood flooring is a great addition to the majority of rooms within a home, offering a stylish and versatile alternative to carpet. Easy on the eye and just as easy to look after, such sturdy flooring is often found within the sitting room, bedrooms and sometimes even bathrooms and kitchens. With beech, oak and walnut some of the most popular choices, there are wooden finishes to suit any area, with this long-lasting material requiring occasional maintenance and protection to ensure it does not decline over time. Just Wood Flooring remain local experts in wood flooring provision and maintenance, with a comprehensive catalogue of flooring solutions to choose from during renovation.

Continue reading for practical advice on protecting your hardwood flooring from damage sustained during everyday use..

Be Wary With Water

Spillages are inevitable, but protecting wooden flooring from water damage and liquids in general will go some way towards preserving it in the long term. Leaking appliances, rainwater and drinks which have been spilled are just a selection of the unavoidable incidents you may encounter, though you should attempt to clean up any pooled water immediately before it has the chance to leak through the seams and between floorboards. You should also avoid mopping a wooden floor when possible, as large quantities of soapy water may damage and dull the top coat.

Footwear And Furniture

When installing furniture, moving sofas and tables or having hard footwear regularly make contact with wooden flooring, gradual damage can become noticeable upon the very top coat of paint, with signs of wear also becoming prevalent. When possible, don’t scrape furniture along the flooring, and try not to put too much pressure on specific areas of the flooring with heeled or heavy footwear. Keeping this in mind will leave your floor in great shape for years to come.

Utilise Mats Or Runners

Mats and runners are a great way to protect newly installed flooring, offering a layer of protection against spillages, harmful materials and the pressure of furniture upon the surface. Halting any direct contact between the wooden flooring and appliances, there are plenty of visually pleasing options to accompany the aesthetic of your room, and the colours and designs available are sure to make a striking accompaniment to your home space.

Consider Renovation

Renovating your wooden floors with the help of trusted professionals will not only improve appearance, but also restore natural beauty to your flooring. Recognised as one of the South’s best flooring companies, access our virtual showroom for an overview of our previous work.

At Just Wood Flooring, we are proud to maintain a professional and personal service for local clients and return customers. Attention to detail, craftsmanship and a commitment to quality finishes makes us the organisation to consider. The variety of available hardwood flooring options is always increasing, meaning that we have something to suit every taste. From classic oak to exotic Jatoba, contact us today to learn more.