5 December 2014

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Hardwood flooring has always been a popular choice for people renovating their home, providing a feeling of classic style and luxury to whatever room it is put in. When it comes to bathrooms though, many people are under the impression that wood is completely unsuitable for flooring, and instead opt for a more functional but less aesthetically pleasing option like lino or tile.

But what if you have hardwood flooring across the rest of your home, and want to have some continuity in your bathroom? Well, the good news is that hardwood can be a perfectly suitable flooring option for your bathroom, provided you do your research and know which wood to use, how to finish it, and how to maintain it.

The reason that many people would never even consider wooden flooring in their bathroom is due to the high levels of moisture and changes in temperature the room will undergo. As we have discussed in the past, moisture, humidity and temperature changes can all have an effect on hardwood, causing it to expand or contract.

To combat this issue, it is advisable to choose a species of wood that is durable and fairly resistant to moisture, like merbau or walnut. Alternatively, you can opt for an engineered wood, which is made by cross layering, gluing and pressing together multiple layers of plywood and other materials. While engineered wood is tough and durable, people often prefer the look and feel of real hardwood flooring.

If you decide to go for hardwood in your bathroom, applying a finish like hardwax oil can help provide an extra layer of protection to your floor. Hardwax oil is one of the most popular types of finish for wooden flooring, as it gives a long-lasting, durable finish while also forming an excellent repellent barrier for water and dirt.

Another way to protect hardwood flooring from moisture is through the use of mats. Any areas that are more at risk of spillages, like around the bath and toilet, can have mats with waterproof backing placed on them.

Once you have taken these steps, as long as you are vigilant with any spillages and make sure they are cleared up straight away, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy beautiful hardwood flooring in your bathroom.