Caring for Your New Hardwood Floor

3 August 2021
Caring for Your New Hardwood Floor

Once your brand-new hardwood floor is installed, you may feel like you should avoid even walking on it, just to keep that beautiful glow. Fortunately, wood flooring is designed to be used and as long as you look after it properly, you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

Use Protectors on Furniture

Furniture feet are your flooring’s biggest danger. Even wood feet on a sofa can scratch up the floor, but if you have metal furniture, it definitely needs to be cushioned to prevent scratching. There are felt pads you can purchase that will stick to the bottom of the feet and should be used on any type of furniture that is moveable.

Renew the Finish

If your floor was finished with hard wax oil or another type of oil, you’ll want to renew the finish once a year. This simply consists of oiling it up again and it will look like new. This is also a good time to repair any scratches to prevent them from getting worse.

Protect High Traffic Areas

A rug or runner carpet can help keep your hardwood floors looking wonderful, even when you have constant traffic. Try adding mats in the kitchen, which will help ease your feet as well as prevent scuffing. A runner in the foyer or hall will help as visitors come and go, and rugs in the entryway can also be helpful.

Sweep or Vacuum Frequently

Dust and grit on your floors will cause them to wear out faster. The simplest way to prevent this is to keep all dust and grit off the floor. Sweep daily and vacuum regularly to eliminate the tiny particles that can easily be ground into the hardwood.

You can also dry mop to remove dirt and prevent it from building up. Try to avoid wet mopping too much, as it will break down the finish on the floor. If you choose to mop, be sure to use a floor cleaner that is approved for hardwood floors.

Having hardwood floors means a little extra care as you maintain them, but it’s not difficult. Make sure you protect the floors from unnecessary scratches and wear and tear. As long as you take care with which cleaning products you have and eliminate dirt from the floor, you should see it last a very long time.

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