14 August 2014

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Cherry Wood has been used for centuries to craft not only flooring but furniture too. It has a pleasant dark red colour that is much sort after. It provides a vintage, traditional look and cherry wood floors are ideal for a period home.

Cherry Wood Trees
There is a wide range of different types of cherry trees, both flowering and ornamental. Cherry trees are most often known for the tasty fruit they produce and the pretty blossoms. But the cherry tree is also popular for its wood too. They are grown all over the world but are particularly famous in Japan for their beautiful blossom. American Cherry is most often used for flooring because it is a hardwood and because of the rich colour of the wood.

Cherry Wood Colours
Cherry wood seems to take the colour from its own fruit as cherry wood is nearly almost a variant of red. The sapwood is usually a creamy white with a hint of pink whereas the heartwood ranges from deep red to red/brown. The colour of cherry wood flooring has a warmth to it, unlike other species like ash which are colder. Be aware that cherry wood floors tend to darken with age; they can change to a deep red over only a few weeks.

Benefits of Cherry Wood Floors
There are many benefits to having cherry wood flooring in your home or office. One of these is that it is 25% softer than oak so, though it is strong and durable, it also has excellent shock absorption properties which makes it a great surface for walking on.

Cherry wood has a straight grain that’s attractive and elegant. It gives a sophisticated look to a room, combined with the warm colour of the wood it makes it a very desirable wood for flooring.

The colour of cherry wood is one of the reasons it is so popular, not just in flooring but for furniture too. The deep red colour is unique and easily identifiable as cherry wood. It provides a traditional, antique look to a room and is ideal for older houses or those wanting to bring a rustic feel into their decor.

Cherry wood also comes in a range of shades, here at Just Wood we have a number of cherry wood flooring options, varying in width and thickness, ranging from light pink to deep red. This variety makes cherry wood a very versatile option for flooring, allowing a greater choice for our customers.

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