5 December 2013

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most suitable flooring for your home or commercial establishment. The benefits of using real wood flooring have already been well-documented on our site, but what about the methods used to fix the individual planks together? In this article we will be assessing the merits of each.

Traditionally speaking, tongue-and-groove is the trusted choice for those in the wood flooring industry. With this type of connection, a tongue projecting from the side of a plank is made to fit into the groove of the adjacent plank.

However, fixing these pieces together using this method is not always that straightforward. Firstly, the tongue has to be fitted into the groove before being knocked firmly into place. This sounds easier said than done as planks that had already been joined together can soon become dislodged if you don’t do it correctly.

Another thing which needs to be done right from the outset is to wedge or strap the planks together until the glue has set. If you don’t use enough glue or the planks fail to stay in the right place and this will certainly affect the final appearance. This is yet another reason to call on the professionals with their many years of experience to fit the floor for you.

With click-lock flooring the edges of the planks are shaped in such a way that a certain action is needed for them to be fitted together. Once positioned, they cannot be moved apart unless un-clicked and lifted up.

This type of flooring is considered to be a lot easier and faster to fit than with tongue-and-groove, but this is not always the case, such as in irregular shaped hallways. The machine-cut planks ensure that all the planks feature tight-fitting joints, reducing the potential for gaps to form after it has been installed.

As wood is a natural material and planks can vary, it is worth checking out how well they fit together by requesting samples from the wood flooring specialists. You can then be sure of the finish quality and get a better idea for how wooden floors differ between manufacturers.