25 August 2016

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Deciding to go with wooden floors in your home is easy, but deciding which wood is right can be a lot more challenging. With so many options and so little understanding of the characteristics of each type of wood and finish, it can be difficult to make a decision that is just right and you will appreciate for years to come.

Discussed below are the many options available when it comes to wood flooring and the main characteristics belonging to each type. This information will help you make the right choice for your home.

Endless Options
Just Wood provides consumers with a wide range of wood flooring types, from the traditional oak, maple and cherry options to more interesting and exotic selections such as Merbau and Jarrah. Take a look at the unique characteristics of each.

Ash is a very durable and versatile type of wood, typically good for use in kitchens and other high traffic areas. Ash is available in many lighter colour tones making it easy to find a shade that fits with your palette and decor.

Beech is made of light natural colours that have the ability to brighten any space. Beech is suitable for high-traffic areas because of its incredible hardness, featuring a straight grain and even texture that is pleasing to the eye.

Birch offers a lovely rustic feel to the room and although it is softer than some other alternatives it still offers significant durability when cared for properly. Birch is beautiful, offering natural highlights and even changing in tone slightly as it ages.

Cherry is rich and elegant, a beautiful selection for a more formal space. It is softer than other woods, meaning it is best in light-traffic areas such as the conservatory or bedroom.

Jarrah is durable and hardwearing but provides a more unique, contemporary finish. It is an Australian dark wood featuring an even grain and coarse texture. It is incredibly durable due to the extreme hardness of the wood.

Jatoba is absolutely beautiful, full of rich colours and offering exceptional hardness, almost twice as strong as oak. This wood is suitable anywhere, resistant to scratching and dents and is an excellent lifelong investment.

Maple is on the lighter end of the wood spectrum adding an open airy feel to the room. Light maple is a great choice for smaller spaces and is easy to maintain and care for.

Merbau is an elegant and durable choice that is quite unique due to mineral deposits on the surface that add to its charm and individuality. It is incredibly durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Oak is a popular flooring choice as it is durable and versatile. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit every taste. Its durability ensures when you choose oak you are making a choice that will last a lifetime.

Rosewood flooring offers rich tones and a feeling of opulence, providing durability with low maintenance needs. While it usually has a fairly straight grain it is not uncommon to see an interlocked wavy grain as well.

Walnut is incredibly dense, making it very durable. It is a visually interesting choice because of the dark colours and knotty grains often seen throughout. Walnut is an excellent choice because it can be laid in many ways and is a sound investment.

Regardless of what flooring you decide is right, the professionals at Just Wood can offer you the materials you need and professional installation to ensure your floors are beautiful for years to come.