18 October 2012

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There are many different types of wood species used to make hardwood flooring, as we started to look at in the first part of this guide. The following are a few other popular types of hardwood species, any of which you can choose to have as hardwood flooring in your home or business.

• Maple. Hardwood floors, as well as furniture items, are made from hard maple, which is generally found in North America. This wood is very durable and has a timeless look about it. Hard maple also changes in colour over time, going from creamy or reddish-brown to a beautiful golden tone.

• Birch. This type of hardwood is very stiff, hard and straight-grained, but it has fantastic resistance to shock. Ranging in colour from cream to reddish yellow, the elegant look of beech is perfect for contemporary and traditional wood floors, as well as for making fine furniture.

• Walnut. This wood is known for its dark, chocolatey tones, but walnut actually lightens over time (unlike other wood species) and tends to become more golden. Walnut is hard, straight-grained and highly luxurious looking.

• Cherry. Many people choose cherry hardwood flooring for their homes because its heartwood often has warm, stylish red tones, which can vary from reddish-brown to deep lustrous red. Cherry hardwood floors also change over time, becoming warmer and more homely as the years pass.