4 May 2012

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The popular Location, Location, Location presenter Phil Spencer might have made his name via the medium of TV, but his book ‘Adding Value to your Home’ is also worth a read. In it the journalist and businessman extols the virtues of wooden flooring and actually says that having a wooden floor installed can increase the value of your home.

With the housing market still stagnant, many homeowners have turned to improving their living space rather than climbing the next rung of the property ladder, a trend which Phil thinks is “probably a good thing”. Many people are no longer looking at making a quick buck on a home and are instead trying to make the most from their current home to add value in the long term.

Some of the ideas on home improvement that Phil quotes in his book include adding an extension or converting the loft. Also removing walls to give the property the feeling of more space and bring in more light can also help increase a property’s value increase.

Phil also loves the longevity of solid hardwood flooring. He says wooden floors work especially well for families and can be cleaned easily if drinks are spilt or muddy footprints ‘magically’ appear on the floor. Phil even suggests that you lift up your carpet before spending money on new flooring, he says, that some people will be lucky enough to find decent wood flooring hiding beneath, which might not need a lot of sanding and renovation work to make your room look spectacular.