5 October 2011

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If you’ve always remained faithful to carpets, but are now ready to pledge your allegiance elsewhere by investing in hardwood flooring, you’re certainly making the right decision.

There’s no denying that a good quality carpet can look fantastic and a plush carpet can feel amazing under bare feet, although this is generally where the benefits end. It can be really difficult to keep carpets in peak condition, and even when you dedicate a lot of time and energy to looking after them, over time they can wear beyond repair.

Hardwood flooring comes with far more positives and far fewer negatives though, which enable you to get a lot more from your flooring. There’s a vast amount of choice with hardwood flooring, with woods in dark and light shades offering a look which is equally as beautiful, if not more, so than the look which any carpet can offer.

You can get more from your flooring in terms of longevity when you invest in hardwood flooring too provided you’re careful to invest in flooring which can cope with the amount of foot traffic which it is likely to receive. Then, when flooring is eventually in need of attention, renovation can bring it back to its best.