19 August 2014

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Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. After a busy, stressful day at work, your bedroom should be your own little sanctuary; somewhere that you can go to unwind and forget all of your troubles.

Unfortunately, when people come to decorate their home, the bedroom is often not given as much thought and attention as it should. People may feel that they are limited in their options as to what they can achieve in this space, and therefore tend to avoid any major changes. However, your bedroom is one of the few rooms in your home that is just for you, so you should want it to be absolutely perfect, suited to your specific tastes and needs.

For those wanting to give their bedroom a complete makeover, hardwood flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice of where to begin. With the constantly increasing array of hardwood species and finishes available for your flooring, hardwood flooring can completely transform your bedroom, with something there to suit every taste.

We’ve already discussed in previous posts how light colours can create the illusion of space, so if you are wanting to make your bedroom feel more spacious, open and airy, light coloured hardwood flooring can help you achieve this. Alternatively, a rich, dark hardwood can give your bedroom a feeling of warmth and luxury.

While initially, hardwood flooring will cost more than carpet, it will be much more durable, making it a worthwhile investment. Carpet is prone to undergo a great deal of wear and tear, which leads to it needing to be replaced. With hardwood flooring though, with a little bit of care, your investment will last a lifetime, all while adding considerable value to your home, should you ever look to sell.

If you do decide to update your bedroom with hardwood flooring, your next step after this would be to accessorise with some complimentary furnishings. Simple extras like rugs or curtains can be beautiful additions to your new bedroom, further contributing to the feeling of class and luxury provided by your new flooring.