15 November 2013

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Hardwood flooring is now available in a wide range of colours and characteristics, with styles to suit every type of home. From the light and calm feeling provided by maple and white oak to the darker walnut and jarrah, each with their own textures and individual appeal, the installation of a new wood floor can be used as part of a wider project.

For those that want to make use of wood to create a modern rustic environment, it is amazing what can be done with reclaimed materials – as the book Modern Rustic by Emily Henson and Joanna Simmons proves. While the publication shows how you can bring the natural world in to your home using once-used products, this can be used to full effect alongside the aesthetic benefits of wooden flooring.

This fits in with the current trend towards more sustainable living and a look that is more to do with provenance than perfection. Wood flooring can bring character to any space and the use of wood on walls and in the creation of furniture can ensure the space looks authentic and traditional, rather than sleek and contrived.

If you are aiming to be eco-conscious in your approach to interior decoration you can use wood from a range of different sources and with a variety of finishes that demonstrate your creativity and add a sense of scale to the place.

With wood having the ability to bring warmth to a room and connecting with nature, you can balance the use of this material with pale textures and surfaces. By contrasting colours and wood species you can really ensure your home epitomises the modern rustic look without being too overbearing or one-dimensional in scope.