25 April 2012

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Hardwood flooring looks spectacular in any home. Many people in the UK now realise the benefits of having their flooring professionally sanded to restore and revive the natural beauty of wood. Even those homes whose floors have been covered with carpet for decades can have a beautiful wooden floor.

It’s quite common for people to use areas rugs and mats on a hardwood floor. These items are a great way to make the room feel warm and cosy, and also a great way to get some colour and style into a room. However, people who use mats or rugs on a wooden floor will need to be cautious as often the smooth nature of the floor can make a slippery mat or rug a potential tripping hazard.

Mats and rugs can slip on a hardwood floor when they are walked across, so it’s important for homeowners to find some way of stopping this from happening. And a great way to do this is to use anti-slip matting under the rug. The anti-slip gripper matting is made of a type of rubber which grips the mat and the floor and so stops the rug moving.

Hardwood floor anti-slip matting is usually available in rolls and can be cut to size depending on the size of rug you have.