18 September 2015

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The material commonly known as Rosewood, is a richly hued timber with a persistent sweet-smell, hence the name. It comes from a number of different sources throughout the world, but they all originate from the genus Dalbergia, with one of the most common types known to us in the Western

World being Dalbergia nigra or Brazilian Rosewood. As the name suggests it’s found in Brazil, although this particular type of rosewood is now an endangered species and incredibly rare, along with Madagascan Rosewood, which has been over exploited and despite an imposed ban on trading, is still illegally logged today.

Other well-known types of rosewood used in furniture making and hardwood flooring are Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia), found in India and parts of South East Asia, as well as Dalbergia oliveri, known as Burmese, Loas or Asian Rosewood.
Although all genuine rosewoods come from the Dalbergia genus, there are other woods from different species also often referred to as rosewood, like Australia Rose Mahogany or Bolivian Rosewood, because they have the same distinctive and long-lasting sweet scent.

The properties of Rosewood mean that it’s incredibly heavy, dense and durable ideal for large pieces of furniture or flooring. In fact the Dalbergia sissoo from India and Bangladesh is actually stronger than teak and just as comparable in price too, so makes for a good alternative for high quality furnishings.

More Than Just Wood
The Rosewood tree is also used for the extraction of essential oils, which is used is used widely in the cosmetic industry. With its distinctive floral and spicy tone, this essential oil can be found in many perfumes, scented candles and other perfumed hygiene products too.

A Great Investment For Your Home
If you’re considering adding wood into your home, whether it’s by installing a hardwood floor or a unique and beautiful piece of wooden furniture, then Rosewood in any of its forms is a great choice. This material is not only strong and durable, but incredibly versatile too. It is used to make a wide range of items, including musical instruments like guitars and recorders, intricate chess pieces, tool handles, as well as pieces of furniture and of course luxury flooring.

Its long-lasting properties and beauty are what make it so unique and such a good investment for your home. It will stand the test of time and withstand heavy use, particularly with flooring when the right polish and maintenance is applied.