14 April 2012

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If you are having a new hardwood floor installed in your home you may be slightly concerned that walking on the floor may generate some unwanted noise. The use of poor underlay and the use of cheap laminate flooring unfortunately gave rise to the misconception that wooden flooring is generally noisy. If your wooden flooring is installed properly and a suitable underlay used, the noise from a hardwood floor should be negligible.

If you are installing a new hardwood floor over an existing floor it is a good idea to use underlay between the floor surfaces. Underlay can however range in thickness and quality. It’s important to discuss your underlay options with your wood floor fitter so you choose something which is suitable for your room and budget.

High density acoustic damping underlay can make a significant difference to any noise which may be created when walking on a hardwood floor. However, for most rooms standard hardwood floor underlay may well prove just as adequate.

The soundproofing ability of the underlay you choose will of course be reflected in the underlay price. But when you are having a beautiful new hardwood floor installed it’s worth getting it right first time.