14 November 2014

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When it comes to flooring for your home, the two most popular choices have always been carpet or hardwood. While recent years have seen more options becoming slightly more popular, none of them ever really come close to these two. So for people decorating a new home, or redecorating their current home, the big question is often which type of flooring to choose. For some, the decision will be a practical, functional choice, whereas others will make the choice based on aesthetics and personal preference. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and by understanding these, you can make the right choice for you.


On average, carpet tends to be a cheaper option than hardwood flooring. Due to the material, it is also warmer and slightly more comfortable to walk on, as well as offering some level of soundproofing. If you like to walk around barefoot, or have small children who may slip and fall over, then carpet could be a suitable choice. You are also granted a wide range of options when it comes to the colour of your carpet, meaning that you can easily match it to the pre-existing colour scheme of your home.

On the downside, carpets are easily stained if something is split on them, and can be difficult and often expensive to clean. Carpets also attract and hold dust, pollen and animal hair, meaning they may not be the best choice for people who suffer from allergies. Finally, they are not particularly hardwearing and long lasting, meaning that there is a high chance that you will need to replace your carpet after a few years.

Hardwood flooring

Having hardwood flooring adds a feeling of classic luxury and prestige to your home, and while it may be more expensive than carpet, it can add considerable value to your home should you ever wish to sell it. Wooden floors are easy to maintain, available in a variety of styles and colours thanks to stains, and are sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Hardwood may be slightly colder and harder on your feet, but the addition of some tasteful rugs can give them same benefits as carpet, without taking away from the aesthetic appeal of your wooden floor.