20 April 2012

We are now all becoming more and more environmentally aware and we often spend time choosing the products we buy carefully taking into account what the product is made from and where the product was produced. Just looking at the amount of organic fruit and vegetables now sold on a daily basis is proof that we care about what we buy.

Sustainability is the new buzz word uttered by all product suppliers and manufactures and this is equally as pertinent regarding hardwood flooring. Before you install a new hardwood floor you might not just want to know what type of wood it is; you might also want to know where the wood came from and if it is from a sustainable source.

If you have decided on new hardwood flooring, you’ll be glad to know you’ve made an environmentally conscious choice. Wood is a naturally occurring product and is replaceable, unlike some the stone used in some types of floor tiles. Wood is also very durable and can be sanded down numerous times so won’t need to be replaced as often as carpet.

All European sourced wood has to be replaced with new by law but if you are buying wood from further afield, checking it is stamped with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo can give you assurances that the wood is from carefully managed forests.