9 October 2014

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One issue that seems to be raised over and over again when discussing hardwood flooring is that of pets, especially cats and dogs. You will constantly hear people worrying that hardwood flooring wouldn’t be suitable for their home due to them having a pet. Or people may debate whether or not they would be able to get a family pet if they already have wooden floors in their home.

Nobody would want to deprive themselves of the joy and companionship provided by having a family pet, but what about your floorboards? Cats and dogs have claws, and surely these claws could cause damage to your flooring?

Don’t worry though, as there are a few things you can do to minimise this risk, allowing yourself the joys of having both hardwood flooring and pets.

Choose your wood carefully

If you are looking to have hardwood flooring fitted and already have pets, this should form part of your decision-making process. It could be worth looking at woods like merbau and jatoba, both of which are known to be incredibly hard – harder species of wood will be much more resistant to scratches and chips.

Keep your floors clean

As we have mentioned in previous posts, it is imperative that you keep your hardwood floors clean, as any dust, grit or dirt can act like sandpaper, causing damage. Sweep your floors regularly, especially in high traffic areas. It is also very important that you clear up any mess you pet leaves behind, before it is soaked into the wood.

Make sure their nails are kept short

Cats and dogs both have nails; this is unavoidable. What is avoidable, however, is allowing your pet’s nails to grow to be too long. The longer they get, the more chance they have of causing damage to your hardwood flooring. Take your pet to a professional groomer to have their nails trimmed regularly, or if you feel able, purchase some animal nail scissors and trim them yourself.

Invest in rugs and runners

While you wouldn’t want to completely cover your beautiful new flooring, strategically placing some rugs or runners in high traffic area will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, while also providing some added protection.