How to Find the Perfect Flooring Company

7 September 2021
How to Find the Perfect Flooring Company

If you’re dreaming of renovating your home with beautiful new hardwood floors or thinking your current hardwood floors need restoring, you need to find a great flooring company to carry out the work to a high standard. Whether you’re on the hunt for a flooring contractor who can install beautiful Jarrah flooring in your living room or fresh oak flooring in your bedroom, the first step is choosing the right flooring company.

Hardwood flooring is a big investment but one that can last a lifetime with the right installation and treatment. You can keep your hardwood flooring looking brand new for years by investing in good quality wood and restoring it when it needs a refresh.

Here’s how to find the perfect flooring company.

Find out which hardwood flooring specialists your friends and family recommend

The best way to find a quality hardwood flooring specialist is to ask people who have already had a hardwood floor installed. If they have already used a flooring company, they will be able to recommend one that they enjoyed working with. If any friends or family have great flooring that you always admire when you visit them, ask who installed it and they’ll be sure to recommend a company that they liked. If they had a bad experience with a company they’ll also let you know so that you can avoid working with them and find someone else instead.

If you choose the same wood flooring company as a friend or family member then you’ll be able to see how your own wood flooring may turn out and get some inspiration for what wood you may want to choose. They can also give you an indication about how much you can expect to pay so you have an idea in your mind already. If no one in your close circle has any good recommendations, try asking at work or any other social groups you may be a part of. Don’t forget Facebook is a great tool for asking for recommendations from people local to your area.

Read reviews from a flooring company’s previous floor installations

You’ll be able to get a well-rounded idea of how good a company is by their online reviews. Online reviews and testimonials are generally a very good indication of the quality and workmanship you might expect from a company. Customers that have left honest reviews about their experience with a company will give you an idea of which flooring company to use. If one company has hundreds of reviews and they have an overall rating of 4 or 5 stars, they are likely a great one to choose.

However, if a company only has one or two reviews, they may still be a great choice, but don’t use this as the only indication that they are the perfect flooring company. Also, consider looking at testimonials, some companies have them listed on their website. You can also read through any reviews that provide details about the service. Previous customers will have an opinion on the quality of the flooring, whether the service was friendly and if they recommend them to other people, so listen to what others have to say!