How to Take Care of Hardwood Flooring in Summer

15 July 2019
How to Take Care of Hardwood Flooring in Summer

Summer is here and the changing temperature and humidity levels mean that if you have hardwood flooring, you must ensure that you know the steps you have to take to look after it during the warmer months of the year.

We all know just how important it is to protect our skin from the sun, but it is just as important to consider the effects of the sun on your hardwood flooring as well. Sunlight, humidity and heat can all harm your flooring over a prolonged period of exposure. We specialise in wooden flooring in Bognor and across the UK. Using our expertise, we have put together our top tips to ensure that you keep your floor looking at its best.


Over time, the sun can cause the colour of your wooden flooring to fade. If you are putting wood flooring in a new build home, then consider low e-glass windows as this will help reduce this problem significantly. If you have an older home, then this isn’t an option, so your best choice is to consider the type of window dressing you have. Blinds or curtains can quickly be closed during the brightest and hottest parts of the day to reduce the possible adverse effects on your wood flooring. Doing so is the cheapest and easiest way to protect hardwood from the sun – and the bonus is that closing the blinds will help keep the room cooler as well.

Humidity Levels

In summer the weather is more humid, and this can be very damaging to your hardwood flooring. Once you understand the effects of humidity on your flooring, you can take the appropriate measures to prevent the humidity levels in your home getting too high. It is a good idea to keep the humidity levels in your property between 35-55%. You might want to invest in a Dehumidifier for your home as this will absorb any excess moisture and help you to maintain lower humidity levels. This will help to prevent the excessive swelling of the wood that can often be caused by an overly humid environment and lead to warping or cupping.

Cleaning Your Floors

Don’t forget, during the summer months it is still imperative to maintain a proper cleaning routine for your flooring. Brush daily with a soft brush to remove dust and debris – summer is often dustier so there may be more debris than usual. Summer also sees people entertaining more, and that means more people trekking in and out of the house. As a result of this, you may find that you need to mop a little more often to keep your flooring looking great. Don’t forget, it is crucial to use a damp mop and not a wet one to do this.

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