28 November 2014

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While hardwood flooring is beautiful in its own right, some people may choose to add a certain finish to their floor. Hardwood floors are subject to everyday wear and tear from foot traffic, as well as from being exposed to the elements, so adding a finish can provide an added layer of protection, as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal of the wood.

There are a range of different types of finish you can add to your floor, and different finishes may be better for different types of wood. Wax is one of the not so popular finishes for wooden floors, but does come in a variety of different options, but does require a lot of looking after.

If your flooring already has a wax finish on it, the first step you must take is to remove the old finish. Unlike with chemical finishes, you would not usually need to use a sander to remove a wax finish from a floor – instead, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for removal.

Once you have removed the pre-existing layer of wax, the next thing you must do is properly clean your floor. Take any furniture out of the room to make it easier to clean, being careful to lift and carry it, rather than dragging or pushing it across the floor. If you aren’t careful when moving furniture, you can cause damage to your floor, so take your time!

Once all your furniture has been moved, sweep your floor to remove any dust, before cleaning it thoroughly using the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning product. Once it has been properly cleaned, sand the entire floor gently with a 150-grade sandpaper, before using a vacuum to remove the dust and debris caused by the sanding.

Always follow the guidelines on the specific type of wax you are using. For most types, you would use a soft cloth to lightly apply a thin layer of wax to the entire floor, and then let it dry before applying another layer on top. Once you have applied as many layers as necessary, use a clean cloth or buffing machine to buff the floor to achieve your desired level of sheen and polish.

The other option is to have the surface sanded and refinished in a more manageable finish, the team at Just Wood could help you with this.