8 September 2012

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If you are looking for a style of floor covering which is not only durable and great-looking but is also easy to keep clean, you needn’t look further than hardwood flooring.

One of the best things about hardwood flooring is that it can be kept hygienically clean. Other floor coverings such as carpet are a haven for dust and dirt, whereas a hardwood floor can be dry-mopped with a suitable hardwood floor cleaning solution which can remove the dirt and grime and also get rid of those harmful bugs.

Harwood flooring works especially well is you have children or pets:

Hardwood flooring and pets

If you have dogs or cats you’ll instantly recognise the mess they can make on regular floor coverings. However, if you have hardwood flooring the floor can be vacuumed easily so all pet dander and hair can be removed so the floor can be dry-mopped with a cleaning solution.

Hardwood flooring and children

Children will put a floor covering through its paces in super-quick time so it has to be strong enough to withstand their constant abuse. Children will lie on the surface, drop things on the surface and will even put their hands into their mouth after touching the surface, so it needs to be strong and hygienic enough also be able to be cleaned to a level which can match their ongoing advances.