15 April 2012

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Your hardwood flooring installer will make sure that the subfloor is in a sound condition before your new hardwood floor is installed. And some of the things they may check include:

Is the subfloor level?

When laying a hardwood floor over a concrete subfloor a moisture barrier should always be used. The moisture-stopping membrane will stop dampness from the concrete permeating into the hardwood floor and causing damage. The levelness of the subfloor is also critical. One of the things your installer may suggest on an uneven subfloor is to apply as layer of laytex screed. The screed will make the subfloor level so the hardwood flooring can be installed over it.

New concrete installations

Your hardwood flooring fitter may stipulate a time period before hardwood flooring can be installed over a new concrete subfloor. This can in some cases be in excess of 60 to 80 days. The dampness of the floor will also be checked using a hygrometer before installation. And it’s usually the case that the floor should have a moisture content of less than 4% before the floor is installed.

If you are thinking of having a hardwood floor installed over a concrete subfloor, it’s worth speaking to a hardwood flooring specialist to see if your floor is suitable.