7 November 2011

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When they think of wooden flooring, many people immediately think of oak, although it’s not all about oak any longer, as there are now many more different types of wood to choose from.

In days gone by, wooden flooring options were a little on the limited side, and oak flooring was one of the few options which many had. Things have changed though, and they’ve changed for the better, as there’s now a lot more choice out there.

Oak flooring is always going to have its place, as it looks classically beautiful. It may not be suitable for every single property though, as some may need flooring which is even more durable or a little lighter or darker.

Some of the other popular types of flooring out there are ash, maple, jarrah, merbau, teak, wendge, beech and walnut- there’s wooden flooring for every decor taste and every durability need.

If you’re not 100% sure of what type of flooring is best for your property, head to a flooring expert. A flooring expert will take you through the different types of flooring and the pros and cons, and this will help you to choose between oak or an alternative.