30 June 2013

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Like with all home décor, trends in wood flooring change all the time. Right now, the following are the most popular looks, finishes and designs in the wood flooring world:

1. Continuous flooring. No longer is hardwood flooring limited to dining rooms and living rooms; due to its versatility, it is increasingly being fitted throughout entire properties for a seamless, continuous look.

2. Solid and engineered wood flooring. It may be more expensive, but solid wood flooring, along with engineered flooring, seems to be the most popular choice in homes and businesses at the moment. Not only does it offer more of an authentic look, but solid wood and engineered floors also last longer than laminate as they can be re-sanded many times.

3. Dark and light. Rather than classic warm or traditional red-toned hardwood floors, the trend in homes and commercial properties right now is for very dark fumed or very light wood floors, along with pale grey/white toned floors, which offer a chic and very modern minimalist look.

4. Hand-scraped finishes. The timeworn, rustic look in wood floors is huge right now, particularly when achieved using hand-scraping finishing techniques, Just Wood have produced, supplied and fitted many of these floors over the years.