6 October 2014

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Maple wood flooring is one of the most popular choices of wooden floors. Here at Just Wood we have a wide selection of maple wood flooring in the light and subtle shades that are common to the maple tree. It is a strong and durable wood that also has an attractive finish that’s perfect for both modern and traditional homes.

Maple Trees
There are two main types of maple trees that are used to create maple wood flooring; the European maple, commonly known as the sycamore, and the hard maple. The European maple is known for having no taste or smell and so is often used in chopping boards or other food preparation tools. It is also used for flooring as it is strong yet has shock absorption as it is about 40% softer than hard maple. This makes it comfortable to have in the home.
Hard maple is where maple syrup comes from, but the trees also produce the ideal wood for flooring too. Hard maples are native to North America and are incredibly strong, approximately 30% stronger than oak.

Maple Wood Colours
Maple wood tends to be a light, fresh colour, ranging from a creamy colour to a very light brown, so it’s ideal for flooring and incredibly versatile. Maple often has a lustrous finish and a thin light grain. It’s a subtle but attractive wood for flooring.

Benefits of Maple Wood Floors
Maple wood is incredibly versatile for flooring, with different grades ranging from Canadian hard maple in first grade, which is commonly used for squash courts to factory grade Maple which has a wide range of colours and gives a very unique and striking floor.

The light colour of maple wood is another one of its benefits. The floors look great in large and small areas, especially as the light colour of the wood can make small rooms seem more spacious. The light colour of the floor goes with most interior decor styles, both modern and rustic.

Maple wood is incredibly durable, especially hard maple wood floors that are stronger than oak and make extremely long-lasting flooring.

Maple wood floors have a thin, subtle grain so it is not overbearing and can be used in a number of different rooms. This is ideal for small spaces that don’t want to be overwhelmed, but the light grain looks good in any setting. It provides a fresh, contemporary look that’s clean and pleasant to look at.

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